The following is by no means the complete work of the listed artists-

it is merely a listing of what is available in our catalog.




Adams, Brooke

Invasion of Body Snatchers

Affleck, Ben

Chasing Amy

Aiello, Danny

2 Days in the Valley; Cemetery Club, The; Last Don

Alda, Alan

Everyone Says I Love You

Alexander, Jason

Dunston Checks In; Love! Valour! Compassion!

Ali, Muhammad

Freedom Road

Allen, Karen

Animal Behavior; Scrooged

Allen, Tim

Jungle 2 Jungle

Allen, Woody

Bananas; Mighty Aphrodite; Scenes From a Mall; Sleeper

Altman, Robert- dir

Kansas City; M*A*S*H*

Ameche, Don

Cocoon: the Return

Amis, Suzi

Ballard of Little Joe, The

Anderson Lee, Pamela

Barb Wire

Andrews, Julie

Mary Poppins

Andrews, Naveen

Kama Sutra (unrated)

Aniston, Jennifer

She's the One; 'til There Was You

Arnold, Tom

McHale's Navy; Touch

Arquette, Patricia

Flirting with Disaster; Lost Highway

Assante, Armand

Mambo Kings; Odyssey

Astin, Sean

Low Life, The; Rudy; Toy Soldiers

Aykroyd, Dan

Celtic Pride; Exit to Eden; Great Outdoors, The; Grosse Pointe Blank; Loose Cannons; My Fellow Americans; My Stepmother is An Alien; Sgt. Bilko

Bacon, Kevin

Apollo 13; Air Up there, The; Big Picture, The; Diner; Footloose; Sleepers

Baker, Joe Don

Walking Tall

Baldwin, Alec

Heaven's Prisoners; Ghosts of Mississippi; Hunt for Red October, the; Juror

Baldwin, Stephen

Crossing the Bridge; Fled; Usual Suspects, The

Baldwin, William

Three of Heart

Balk, Fairuza

Craft, The; Tollbooth

Banderas, Antonio

Desperado; El Mariachi; Evita; Never Talk to Strangers; Two Much

Barkin, Ellen

Diner; Wild Bill

Barondes, Elizabeth

Night of the Scarecrow

Barry, Halle


Barrymore, Drew

Everyone Says I Love You; Firestarter; Poison Ivy; Poison Ivy 3: the New Seduction; Scream

Basinger, Kim

My Stepmother Is An Alien

Bassett, Angela

Strange Days; Waiting to Exhale; What's Love Got to Do With It

Bates, Kathy

Angus; Fried Green Tomatoes; War at Home, The

Beals, Jennifer

Flashdance; Prophecy II, The

Bean, Sean

Anna Karenina

Beatty, Warren

Bonnie and Clyde; Bugsy

Beckinsale, Kate

Cold Comfort Farm

Bedilia, Bonnie

Needful Things

Belafonte, Harry

White Man's Burden

Belushi, James

Race the Sun; Taking Care of Business

Belushi, John

Continental Divide

Bening, Annette

American President, The; Bugsy; Mars Attacks!; Richard III

Berenger, Tom

Betrayed; Field, The; Major League; Platoon; Roughriders; Sniper; Someone to Watch Over Me; Substitute, The

Bergen, Patrick

Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War

Berkeley, Elizabeth


Bernsen, Corbin

Soft Kill, The

Berry, Halle

Loosing Isaish; Race the Sun

Bey, Marki

Sugar Hill

Biehn, Michael

Aliens; Asteroid

Binoche, Juliette

Couch in New York, A; English Patient; Wuthering Heights

Blakely, Susan

Airport '79- the Concorde

Bochner, Hart

Apartment Zero

Boorman, John- dir.


Borgnine, Ernest

McHale's Navy

Bosset, Josie

Book of Love

Bosworth, Brian

One Man's Justice

Bowie, David


Boyd, Stephen

Fantastic Voyage

Boyle, Lara Flynn


Bracco, Lorraine

Basket Ball Diaries, The

Bradley, David

Cyborg Soldier; Outside the Law

Branagh, Kenneth

Hamlet; Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

Brancroft, Anne

How to Make an American Quilt

Brando, Marlon

Don Juan DeMarco; Island of Dr. Moreau, The; Missouri Breaks, The

Bridges, Beau

Fabulous Baker Boys; Hidden in America

Bridges, Jeff

Fabulous Baker Boys; King Kong; Mirrow Has Two Faces; Stay Hungry; White Squall; Wild Bill

Bridges, Lloyd

Hot Shots ! Part Deux

Brimley, Wilford

Cocoon: the Return

Broderick, Matthew

Addicted to Love; Cable Guy, The; Night We Never Met; Road to Wellville, The

Brooks, Albert

Mother; Scout, The

Brooks, Mel- dir.

Dracula: Dead and Loving It; Spaceballs

Brooks, Richard- dir.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Brosnan, Pierce

Dante's Peak; Detonator; Detonator II; Goldeneye; Live Wire

Brown, Blair

Continental Divide

Brown, Bruce- dir.

Endless Summer II

Bujold, Genevieve


Bullock, Sandra

In Love And War; Speed; Speed 2: Cruise Control; Time to Kill, A; When the Party's Over

Burlong, Edward


Burnett, Carol


Burrows, Saffron

Hotel de Love

Burstyn, Ellen

How to Make an American Quilt; Spitfire Grill, The

Buscemi, Steve

Search for One-Eye Jimmy, The

Busey, Gary

Roughriders; Surviving the Game

Byrne, Gabriel

Frankie Starlight; Smilla's Sense of Snow; Weapons of Mass Distraction

Caan, James

Comes a Horseman; Funny Lady

Cage, Nicolas

Con Air; Face/Off; It Could Happen to You; Leaving Las Vegas; Red Rock West; Rock, The; Trapped in Paradise

Caine, Michael

Bridge Too Far, A; Man Who Would Be King; Mandela and Deklerk

Campbell, Bill

Lover's Knot; Rocketeer, The; Second Jungle Book, The: Mowgli and Balog

Campbell, Neve


Campbell, Tisha


Campion, Jane- dir.

Angel At My Table, An; Piano, The

Candy, John

Going Berserk; Great Outdoors, The; Spaceballs; Uncle Buck; Wagons East; Who's Harry Crumb

Carpenter, John- dir.

Assault on Precinct 13; In the Mouth of Madness

Carradine, Robert

Revenge of the Nerds

Carrey, Jim

Cable Guy, The; Liar, Liar; Once Bitten

Carter, Helena B.

Twelve Night

Caruso, David


Carvey, Dana

Clean Slate; Trapped in Paradise

Cassavetes, John

Mickey and Nicky

Cassel, Seymour

Hand Gun

Cates, Phoebe

Drop Dead Fred; Princess Caraboo

Cattrall, Kim

Honeymoon Acadmy

Chan, Jackie

Crime Story; First Strike; Operation Condor; Rumble in the Bronx; Supercop

Channing, Stockard

Unexpected Family, An

Chase, Chevy

Fletch; Vagas Vacation

Chen, Joan

Wild Side



Chiba, Sonny

Street Fighter, The; Return of the Street Fighter

Choate, Tim

First Time, The

Christie, Julie


Chulmsky, Anna

Gold Diggers: the Secret of Bear Mountain

Cimino, Micael- dir.

Deer Hunter, The

Clark, Candy

More American Graffiti

Cleese, John

Fierce Creatures; Fish Called Wanda, A

Clooney, George

Batman & Robin; From Dusk Till Dawn; One Fine Day

Close, Glenn

101 Dalmatians; Air Force One; Fatal Attraction; House of the Spirits; In The Gloaming; Immediate Family; Mars Attacks!; Paper, The; Paradise Road

Coburn, James

Loving Couples

Coen Brothers


Collette, Toni

Muriel's Wedding

Connelly, Jennifer

Creepers; Rocketeer, The

Connery, Sean

Anderson Tapes, The; Bridge Too Far, A; Dragonheart; Great Train Robbery, The; Highlander; Hunt for Red October, The; Man Who Would Be King; Rising Sun; Rock, The

Cooper, Chris

Lone Star

Coppola, Francis Ford

Bram Stoker's Dracula Frankenstein

Cosby, Bill

Bill Cosby, Himself

Costner, Kevin

Field of Dreams; No Way Out; Revenge; Silverado; Tin Cup; Waterworld

Cox, Courtney

Commandments; Opposite Sex and How to Live With Them, The; Scream

Cronenberg, David- dir.


Crouse, Lindsay

Arrival, The

Crowe, Russell

Rough Magic; Sum of Us, The

Cruise, Tom

Days of Thunder; Far and Away; Few Good Men, A; Firm, The; Jerry Maguire; Mission: Impossible; Rain Man

Crystal, Billy

City Slickers II; Father's Day; When Harry Met Sally

Culkin, Kieran

My Summer Story

Culkin, Macaulay

Pagemaster, The; Getting Even With Dad

Cundieff, Rusty


Curry, Tim

Congo; Muppet Treasure Island; Titanic

Curtis, Jamie Lee

Fierce Creatures; Fish Called Wanda, A; House Arrest; Perfect; True Lies

Cusack, John

Better Off Dead; City Hall; Con Air; Grosse Pointe Blank

Dafoe, Willem

White Sands

Dalton, Timothy

Beautician and the Beast

Daly, Tim

Associate, The

Danes, Claire

Romeo & Juliet

Dangerfield, Rodney

Casper: a Spirited Beginning

Daniels, Gary

Hawk's Vengeance; White Tiger

Daniels, Jeff

101 Dalmatians; 2 Days in the Valley; Fly Away Home; Terms of Endearment; Trial & Error

Danson, Ted

Getting Even With Dad; Gulliver's Travels

Dante, Joe

'burbs, The

Davidson, Tommy

Booty Call

Davis, Geena

Cutthroat Island; Fly, The; Long Kiss Goodnight, The; Speechless

Davis, Ozzie

I'm Not Rappaport

Dawn-Chong, Rae


Day-Lewis, Daniel

Last of the Mohicans, The

Dean, James

Rebel Without a Cause

DeCaprio, Leonardo

Basket Ball Diaries, The; Marvin's Room

Defoe, William


DeGeneres, Ellen

Mr. Wrong

Delaney, Kim

Serial Killer

Delany, Dana

Exit to Eden; Live Nude Girls

Demme, Jonathan- dir.


DeMornay, Rebecca

Never Talk to Strangers; Runaway Train

Dempsey, Patrick

Coup de Ville

Dempsey, Patrick


Deneuve, Catherine


DeNiro, Robert

Awakenings; Casino; Deer Hunter, The; Fan, The; Guilty By Suspicion; Mary Shelly's Frankenstein; Mean Streets; New York, New York; Sleepers; Stanley & Iris

DePalma, Brian- dir.

Mission: Impossible; Carlito's Way; Scarface

Depardieu, Gerard

Green Card

Depp, Johnny

Benny & Joon; Donnie Brasco; Cry-Baby; Dead Man; Don Juan DeMarco

Dern, Laura

Citizen Ruth; Down Came a Blackbird; Jurassic Park

DeVito, Danny

Get Shorty; Jack the Bear; Jewell of the Nile, The; Renaissance Man

Diaz, Cameron

Feeling Minnesota; Head Above Water; Last Supper, The; My Best Friend's Wedding; She's The One

DiCaprio, Leonardo

Romeo & Juliet; total Eclipse

Dillon, Matt

Albino Alligator; Beautiful Girls; Frankie Starlight; Target


Hairspray; Polyester

Doherty, Shannen


Donaldson, Roger- dir.


D'Onofrio, Vincent

Good Luck

Donovan, Martin


Doug, Doug E

That Darn Cat

Douglas, Illeana

Grace of My Heart; Wedding Bell Blues

Douglas, Kirk

Greedy; Spartacus

Douglas, Michael

American President, The; Basic Instinct; Black Rain; Coma; Fatal Attraction; Game, The; Ghost and the Darkness, The; Jewell of the Nile, The; Romancing the Stone

Dourif, Brad

Grim Pairie Tales

Down, Lesley-Ann

Hanover Street

Downey, Robert Jr.

Chaplin; Only You; True Believer

Drake, larry

Darkman II: the Return of Durant

Drescher, Fran

Beautician and the Beast

Dreyfuss, Richard

Always; Another Stakeout; Goodbye Girl, The; Jaws; Mr. Holland's Opus; Night Falls on Manhattan; Once Around; Trigger Happy

Driver, Minnie

Circle of Friends; Grosse Pointe Blank

Dudikoff, Michael

Bounty Hunters

Dunaway, Faye

Albino Alligator; Bonnie and Clyde; Don Juan DeMarco; Drunks

Dunne, Griffin

American Werewolf in London, An; Search and Destroy

Dutton, Charles

Alien 3

Duvall, James


Duvall, Robert

Breakout; Family Thing, A; Scarlet Letter, The; Stars Fell on Henrietta; Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

Eastwood, Clint

Absolute Power; City Heat; Dead Pool, The; Escape From Alcatraz; Every Which Way But Loose; In the Line of Fire

Edwards, Anthony

In Cold Blood; Revenge of the Nerds

Elizabeth, Mary

Three Wishes

Elliott, Alison

Spitfire Grill, The

Elliott, Chris

Cabin Boy

Elliott, Sam


Estevez, Emilio

Another Stakeout; D3: the Mighty Ducks; Hot Shots; National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon I; Repo Man; War at Home; Young Guns

Everhart, Angel

Another 9 1/2 Weeks

Fahey, Jeff

Darkman III: Die Darkman Die; Lawnmower Man, The; Underground

Falk, Peter

Brink's Job, The; Cheap Detective; Mickey and Nicky

Farina, Dennis

That Old Feeling

Farley, Chris

Beverly Hills Ninja; Black Sheep

Farrow, Mia


Feldman, Corey

Dream a Little Dream II

Fenn, Sherilyn

Two Moon Junction

Ferrara, Abel

Bad Lieutenant

Field, Sally

Eye For An Eye; Mrs. Doubtfire; Murphy's Romance; Norma Rae; Smokey and the Bandit; Smokey and the Bandit II

Fiennes, Ralph

English Patient; Strange Days; Wuthering Heights

Finney, Albert

Annie; Rich In Love

Fiorentino, Linda


Firth, Colin

Apartment Zero

Fishburne, Laurance

Deep Cover; Combread, Earl and Me; Fled; Hoodlum; Miss Ever's Boys; Othello

Fisher, Carrie

Star Wars Trilogy

Flanery, Sean Patrick


Fonda, Bridget

City Hall; In The Gloaming; It Could Happen To You; Rough Magic; Touch

Fonda, Henry

On Golden Pond

Fonda, Jane

Comes a Horseman; Coming Home; Electric Horseman, The; On Golden Pond; Stanley & Iris

Fonda, Peter

Nadja; Wanda Nevada

Ford, Harrison

Air Force One; Clear and Present Danger; Devil's Own; Hanover Street; Patriot Games; Star Wars Trilogy

Foster, Jodie

Contact; Nell; Silence of the Lambs, The

Fox, Edward

Day of the Jackal

Fox, Goerge C.

Christmas Carol, A

Fox, Michael J.

Bright Lights, Big City; For Love Or Money; Frighteners, The; Greedy; Life With Mikey; Secret Of My Success, The

Fox, Vivica

Soul Food

Foxx, Jamie

Booty Call

Fraser, Brendan

Airheads; George of the Jungle; Mrs. Winterbourne; Scout, The

Freeman, Morgan

Chain Reaction; Moll Flanders; Seven; Shawshank Redemption, The; Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Furlong, Edward


Gallagher, Peter


Garcia, Andy

Hoodlum; Night Falls on Manhattan; Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

Gardner, Ava


Garner, James

Dead Silence; Grand Prix; Great Escape, The; Murphy's Romance; My Fellow Americans; Sunset

Garofalo, Janeane

Truth About Cats and Dogs

Garr, Teri

Black Stallion Returns, The

Gazzara, Ben

Lady Killer; Road House

Gerard, Gil

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Gere, Richard

Looking for Mr. Goodbar; Miles From Home; No Mercy; Officer and a Gentleman, An; Pretty Woman; Primal Fear

Gertz, Jamie

Jersey Girl

Gibson, Mel

Bird on a Wire; Braveheart; Conspiracy Theory; Mrs. Soffel; Ransom; River, The; Year of Living Dangerously

Gibson, Thomas

Love and Human Remains

Gillard, Larry Jr.


Gilliam, Terry

12 Monkeys

Giovanni, Marita

Bar Girls

Gish, Annabeth

Last supper, The

Gleason, Jackie

Smokey and the Bandit; Smokey and the Bandit II; Smokey and the Bandit Part 3

Glover, Danny

Gone Fishin'; Grand Canyon; Pure Luck; Silverado

Glover, John

Love! Valour! Compassion

Goldberg, Whoopi

Associate, The; Corrina, Corrina; Eddie; Ghosts of Mississippi; In The Gloaming; Sarafina!; Sister Act; Sister Act 2; Theodore Rex

Goldblum, Jeff

Deep Cover; Fly, The; Hideaway; Into The Night; Lost World: Jurassic Park; Powder; Trigger Happy

Gomez, Nick- dir.

Laws of Gravity

Gooding, Cuba Jr.

Jerry Maguire

Goodman, John

Babe, The

Goodman, John


Gossett, Louis Jr.

Enemy Mine; Diggstown; Iron Eagle; Iron Eagle III: Aces; Monolith; Toy Soldiers; Zooman

Gould, Elliott

Capricorn One; M*A*S*H*

Grammer, Kelsey

Down Periscope

Grant, Hugh

Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, The; Maurice; Nine Months; Sense and Sensibility

Grant, Richard E.

Jack & Sarah

Grey, Jennifer

Dirty Dancing; Lover's Knot

Grier, David Alan

Blankman; McHale's Navy

Grier, Pam

Coffy; Foxy Brown; Friday Foster; Scream Blacula, Scream; Sheba, Baby

Griffin, Eddie

Walking Dead, The

Griffith, Melanie

Now and Then; Stranger Among Us, A; Two Much

Grodin, Charles

Lonely Guy, The

Gross, Arye

Opposite Sex and How to Live With Them, The

Gross, Michael

Tremors 2: Aftershocks

Guiry, Thomas


Guttenberg, Steve

Casper: a Spirited Beginning; Cocoon: the Return; Zeus and Roxanne

Hackman, Gene

Absolute Power; Birdcage, The; Bridge Too Far, A; Chamber, The; Crimson Tide; Firm,The; Get Shorty; Hooters; No Way Out; Quick and the Dead, The; Target

Hagerty, Julie

Airplane; Airplane II: The Sequel

Haim, Corey

Dream a Little Dream II; Fever Lake; Oh, What a Night

Hamill, Mark

Guyer, The; Star Wars Trilogy

Hamilton, Linda

Dante's Peak; Shadow Consipiracy

Hamlin, Harry

Clash of the Titans

Hanks, Tom

Apollo 13; Bachelor Party; Big; Bonfire of the Vanities, The; 'burbs, The; Forrest Gump; Man With One Red Shoe,The; Philadelphia; Sleepless In Seattle; That Thing You Do!; Turner & Hooch

Hannah, Darryl

Last Days of Frankie the Fly, The; Two Much

Harmon, Mark

Magic in the Water

Harper, Tess

Man in the Moon

Harrelson, Woody

Indecent Proposal; Kingpin; People vs. Larry Flint, The; White Man Can't Jump

Harris, Ed

Absolute Power; Abyss; Apollo 13; Needful Things; Rock, The

Harris, Leslie- dir.

Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

Harris, Richard

Field, The; Return of a Man Called Horse

Hauer, Rutger

Arctic Blue; Blind Fury; Crossworlds; Omega Doom; Surviving the Game

Hawn, Goldie

Bird on a Wire; Crisscross; Death Becomes Her; Everyone Says I Love You; First Wives Club; Housesitter; Overboard; Private Benjamin;

Hayek, Selma

Fools Rush In

Hayes, Helen

Herbie Rides Again

Hays, Robert

Airplane; Airplane II: The Sequel

Heche, Anne


Hemingway, Muriel

Star 80

Henriksen, Lance

Felony; Nature Of The Beast

Heston, Charlton


Hines, Gregory

Good Luck

Hoffman, Dustin

Hero; Papillon; Rain Man

Hogan, Hulk

Santa With Muscles; Secret Agent Club

Hogan, Paul

"Crocodile" Dundee; Flipper

Holly, Lauren

Archie- Return to Riverdale; Beautiful Girls; Turbulence

Hooper, Tobe- dir.

Lifeforce; Poltertgeist

Hopkins, Anthony

Desperate House; Legends of the Fall; Nixon; Road to Wellville, The; Silence of the Lambs

Hopkins, Jemaine "Huggy"

Phat Beach

Hopper, Dennis

Carried Away; Waterworld; Last Days of Frankie the Fly, The

Houston, Whitney

Preacher's Wife; Waiting to Exhale

Howard, Arliss

Old Man

Howard, Ron

More American Graffiti

Howard, Ron- dir.

Backdraft; Cocoon; Far and Away; Parenthood; Ransom

Howell, Thomas C.

Big Fall

Hudson, Ernie


Hughes Brothers

Dead Presidents

Hughes, John- dir.

Miracle on 34th Street

Hunt, John

Shades of Fear

Hunt, Linda

Twenty Bucks; Year of Living Dangerously

Hunter, Bill

Muriel's Wedding

Hunter, Holly

Always; Crash (uncut); Firm, The; Once Around; Piano, The

Hunter, Tab


Hurley, Elizabeth

Austin Powers; Dangerous Ground

Hurt, William

Couch in New York, A

Huston, Anjelica

Addams Family Values

Huston, John- dir.

Man Who Would Be King

Hutton, Lauren

Once Bitten

Hutton, Timothy

Falcon and the Snowman; Substance of Fire; Torrents of Spring

Ice Cube

Anaconda; Dangerous Ground; Friday

Ice T

Rhyme & Reason

Ireland, Jill


Irons, Jeremy

Damage; House of the Spirits; Stealing Beauty

Jackson, Samuel L.

187; Long Kiss Goodnight, The; National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon I; Time to Kill, A; Uncle Tom's Cabin

Jamusch, Jim- dir.

Night on Earth

Jerky Boys, The

Jerky Boys, The

Jones, Dean

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Jones, James Earl

Family Thing, A; Grim Pairie Tales

Jones, Tommy Lee

Men in Black; Volcano

Judd, Ashley

Normal Life

Julia, Raul

Addams Family Values

Kane, Carol

Lemon Sisters,The

Kaufman, Philip- dir.

Invasion of Body Snatchers

Keaton, Diane

Baby Boom; Father of the Bride II; First Wives Club; Lemon Sisters, The; Looking for Mr. Goodbar; Marvin's Room; Mrs. Soffel; Sleeper

Keaton, Michael

Clean and Sober; Multiplicity; Paper, The; Speechless

Keitel, Harvey

Bad Lieutenant; City of Industry; From Dusk Till Dawn; Head Above Water; Mean Streets; Monkey Trouble; Piano, The; Reservoir Dogs

Keith, Brian

Krakatoa: East of Java

Keith, David

Liar's Edge

Kensit, Patsy

Angels & Insects

Kid 'N Play

House Party; House Party 2; House Party 3

Kidman, Nicole

Far and Away; To Die For

Kilmer, Val

Doors, The; Ghost and the Darkness, The; Island of Dr. Moreau, The; Saint; Thunderheart

King, Zalman- dir.

Delta of Venus

Kingsley, Ben

Species; Twelve Night; Weapons of Mass Distraction

Kinnear, Greg

Dear God

Kinski, Nastassia

Cat People

Kline, Kevin

Fierce Creatures; Fish Called Wanda, A; French Kiss; Grand Canyon; Silverado; Sophie's Choice

Korman, Harvey

Herbie Goes Bananas

Kotto, Yaphet

Out of Sync

Krause, Brian


Krige, Alice


Kristofferson, Kris


Kudrow, Lisa

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

L L Cool J

Out of Sync

Lack, Stephen


Ladd, Diane

Cemetery Club, The

Lake, Rikki

Hairspray; Mrs. Winterbourne

Lambert, Christopher

Fortress; Highlander; Highlander III

Lancaster, Burt

Local Hero; Separate But Equal

Landau, Martin

Adventures of Pinocchio; B.A.P.S.

Landis, John- dir.

Into the Night

Lane, Diane

Murder at 1600

Lane, Nathan

Birdcage, The

Lange, Jessica

King Kong; Loosing Isaish; Rob Roy

Langella, Frank


Lansbury, Angela

Mrs. Santa Clause

Lasser, Louise


Lawrenct, Martin

Nothing to Lose; Talkin' Dirty After Dark; Thin Line Between Love and Hate, A

Lean, David- dir.

Ryan's Daughter

Leary, Denis

National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins

Lee, Bruce

Return of the Dragon

Lee, Spike- dir.


Leguizamo, John

Pest, The; Spawn

Leigh, Jennifer Jason

Big Picture, The; Kansas City

Leigh, Mike- dir.


Lemmon, Jack

Glengarry Glen Ross; Grumpier Old Men; My Fellow Americans

Leto, Jared


Leung, Tony

Lover, The

Levinson, Barry- dir.

Rain Man

Levy, Eugene

Waiting for Guffman

Lewis, Daniel Day


Lewis, Juliette

From Dusk Till Dawn

Lewis, Richard

Drunks; Wagons East

Liotta, Ray

Corrina, Corrina; Turbulence; Unforgettable; Unlawful Entry



Lloyd, Christopher

Camp Nowhere; Pagemaster, The

Long, Nia

Love Jones; Soul Food

Long, Shelley

Hello Again; Troop Beverly Hills; Very Brady Sequel, A

Lopez, Jennifer

Anaconda; Selena

Loren, Sophia

Grumpier Old Men

Love, Courtney

People vs. Larry Flynt, The

Lovitz, Jon

Trapped in Paradise

Lowe, Rob

About Last Night

Lynch, David


Lynch, Kelly

Three of Heart

MaCarthy, Andrew

Courtyard, The

Macchio, Ralph

Karate Kid, The; Karate Kid Part II, The

MacDowell, Andie

Deception; Green Card; Michael; Multiplicity; Sex, Lies, and Videotape; Unstrung Heroes

MacGraw, Ali

Love Story

MacLachlan, Kyle


MacLaine, Shirley

Loving Couples; Terms of Endearment



Madsen, Michael

Fatal Instinct; Man With A Gun

Madsen, Virginia


Malkovich, John

Con Air; In the Line of Fire; Miles From Home

Malle, Louis- dir.


Mantegna, Joe

National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins

Marceau, Sophie

Anna Karenina

Margaret, Ann

Grumpier Old Men

Marshall, Penny- dir.


Martin, Steve

Dead Man don't Wear Plaid; Father of the Bride II; Grand Canyon; Housesitter; Jerk, The; Lonely Guy, The; Parenthood; Roxanne; Sgt. Bilko

Mason, Marsha

Goodbye Girl, The

Masterson, Mary S.

Bed of Roses; Benny & Joon; Fried Green Tomatoes

Mastrantonio, Mary E


Matheson, Tim

Twilight Man

Mathis, Samantha

Jack & Sarah; Pump Up the Volume

Matlin, Marlee

Dead Silence; It's My Party

Matthau, Walter

Grumpier Old Men; I'm Not Rappaport; Taking of Phelham One Two Three, The

McCarthy, Andres

Weekend at Bernies

McConaughey, Matthew

Contact; Lone Star

McDermott, Dylan

'till There Was You

McDonnell, Mary

Woman Undone

McDormand, Frances

Paradise Road

McDowall, Roddy

Second Jungle Book, The: Mowgli and Balog

McGaw, Patrick

Amongst Friends

McGovern, Elizabeth

Summer of Ben Tyler, The

McKellan, Ian

Richard III

McQueen, Steve

Great Escape, The; Papillon

Mellencamp, John

Falling From Grace

Midler, Bette

Divine Madness; First Wives Club; Jinxed; Scenes From a Mall; Stella; That Old Feeling

Milano, Alyssa

Glory Daze; Poison Ivy 2

Miller, Dennis

Tales From the Crypt: Bordello of Blood

Miller, Penelope Ann

Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag

Minnelli, Liza

Arthur; Cabaret; New York, New York

Mirren, Helen

Some Mother's Son

Mitchum, Robert

Ryan's Daughter

Modine, Matthew

Birdy; Bye Bye Love; Cutthroat Island; Fluke; Wind

Monahan, Dan

Porkys II

Moore, Demi

About Last Night; Few Good Men, A; Indecent Proposal; Juror; Mortal Thoughts; No Small Affair; Now and Then; Scarlet Letter, The; St. Elmo's Fire; Striptease

Moore, Dudley

Arthur; Like Father, Like Son

Moore, Julianne

Lost World: Jurassic Park

Moriarty, Michael

Calm At Sunset

Morita, Pat

Karate Kid, The; Karate Kid Part II, The; Next Karate Kid

Mulligan, Richard

Meatballs II

Mulrony, Dermot

Box of Moonlight; My Best Friend's Wedding

Murphy, Eddie

48 Hours; Beverly Hills Cop; Beverly Hills Cop II; Metro; Nutty Professor, The

Murray, Bill

LargerThan Life; Meatballs; Scrooged; Stripes

Myers, Mike

Austin Powers

Naughton, David

American Werewolf in London, An

Nava, Gregory- dir.

My Family

Neeson, Liam

Before and After; Darkman; Deception; Michael Collins; Nell; Rob Roy; Schindler's List

Neill, Sam

In Cold Blood; In the Mouth of Madness; Jurassic Park; Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Nelson, Craig T


Newman, Paul

Slap Shot

Newman, Laraine

Alone in the Woods

Newton-John, Olivia


Nicholson, Jack

Crossing Gurad, The; Last Detail, The; Mars Attacks!; Missouri Breaks, The; Terms of Endearment; Wolf

Nielsen, Leslie

Airplane !; Dracula: Dead and Loving It; Naked Gun, The; Naked Gun 2 1/2: the Smell of Fear; Spy Hard; Surf Ninjas

Nolte, Nick

48 Hours; Prince of Tides, The

Norris, Chuck

Top Dog

O'Donnell, Chris

Batman & Robin; Chamber, The; Circle of Friends; In Love and War

O'Donnell, Rosie

Another Stakeout; Now and Then; Exit to Eden

O'Hara, Catherine

Waiting For Guffman

Oldman, Gary

Air Force One; Professional, The

O'Neal, Ryan

Love Story

O'Neil, Jennifer


Ormond, Julia

Smilla's Sense of Snow

Pacino, Al

Donnie Brasco, Carlito's Way; City Hall; Glengarry Glen Ross; Scarface; Scent of a Woman

Palminteri, Chazz

Jade; Usual Suspects,The

Paltrow, Gwyneth

Emma; Pallbearer, The

Paquin, Anna

Fly Away Home; Member of Wedding

Pare, Michael

Moon 44; Solar Force; Strip Search

Parker, Mary-Louis

Fried Green Tomatoes

Parker, Sarah Jessica

If Lucy Fell; Substance of Fire

Parkhurst, Heather

Bikini Summer 3: South Beach Heat

Parton, Dolly

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The

Patric, Jason

Speed 2: Cruise Control; Geronimo: American Legend

Patrick, Robert

Body Shot

Patton, Will


Paul, Peter and David


Paxton, Bill

Apollo 13; Independence Day; Monolith; Traveller

Payne, Allen

Walking Dead, The

Penn, Arthur

Bonnie and Clude

Penn, Sean

Dead Man Walking; Falcon and the Snowman; Game, The

Perez, Rosie

Night on Earth

Perez, Vincent

Crow, the City of Angels

Perlman, Rhea

Sunset Park

Perry, Luke

Normal Life

Perry, Matthew

Fools Rush In

Pesci, Joe

Casino; Gone Fishin'; My Cousin Vinny

Pfeiffer, Michelle

Dangerous Minds; Fabulous Baker Boys; Grease 2; Into the Night; One Fine Day; Scarface; Up Close & Personal; Wolf

Phoenix, River

My Own Private Idaho

Pitt, Brad

12 Monkeys; Across the Tracks; Devil's Own; Legends of the Fall; Seven; Sleepers; Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Pleasence, Donald


Poitier, Sidney

Mandela and Deklerk; Sneakers; Separate But Equal

Pollack, Sidney- dir.

Electric Horseman, The; Jeremiah Johnson

Pollak, Kevin

House Arrest; Truth or Consequences N.M.

Posey, Parker

Day Tripper; Flirt; Party Girl

Prentiss, Paula

Stepford Wives, The

Presley, Prescilla

Naked Gun 2 1/2: the Smell of Fear

Preston, Kelly

Addicted to Love; Citizen Ruth; Experts, The

Preston, Robert

Last Starfighter, The

Priestley, Jason

Calendar Girl


Purple Rain

Pryce, Jonathan

Carrington; Shades of Fear

Pullman, Bill

Lost Highway; Mr. Wrong; Newsies

Quaid, Dennis

Dragonheart; Enemy Mine; Something To Talk About; Undercover Blue

Quaid, Randy

Bye Bye Love; Independence Day; Paper, The

Quinlan, Kathleen

Zeus and Roxanne

Quinn, Aidan

Benny & Joon; Commandments; Haunted; Playboys, The

Quinn, Anthony

Don is Dead, The

Quivers, R

Private Parts

Rafelson, Bob- dir.

Stay Hungry

Rapaport, Michael


Rea, Stephen

Crying Game

Redford, Robert

Candidate, The; Electric Horseman, The; Jeremiah Johnson; Out of Africa; Sneakers; Up Close & Personal; Way We Were, The

Redgrave, Corin


Redgrave, Vanessa

Shades of Fear

Reeves, Keanu

Bram Stoker's Dracula Frankenstein; Chain Reaction; Feeling Minnesota; Johnny Mnemonic; My Own Private Idaho; Prince of Pennsylvania, The; Speed; Walk in the Clouds, A

Reid Jerry

Smokey and the Bandit Part 3

Reinhold, Judge

Hostage Train; Vice Versa

Reiser, Paul

Bye Bye Love

Reno, Jean

Professional, The

Reynolds, Burt

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The; Cannonball Run, The; City Heat; Cop and a Half; Deliverance; Raven; Smokey and the Bandit; Smokey and the Bandit II; White Lightning

Reynolds, Debbie


Rhames, Ving


Ricci, Christina

Casper; That Darn Cat

Richards, Michael

Trial & Error

Richter, Jason James

Free Willy 3: The Rescue

Ringwald, Molly

Baja; Pretty in Pink; Strike It Rich

Ritchie, Michael-dir.

Candidate, The

Robbins, Tim

Nothing to Lose; Shawshank Redemption, The

Roberts, Eric

In Cold Blood; Immortals, The; It's My Party; Runaway Train

Roberts, Julia

Conspiracy Theory; Mary Reilly; My Best Friend's Wedding; Pretty Woman; Sleeping With the Enemy; Something to Talk About

Rodman, Dennis

Double Team

Rodriguez, Robert- dir.

Desperado; el Mariachi

Rogers, Mimi

Monkey Trouble; Rapture, The; Someone to Watch Over Me

Ross, Katharine

Stepford Wives, The

Roth, Tim

Gridlock'd; Hoodlum; Reservoir Dogs

Rourke, Mickey

Another 9 1/2 Weeks; Desperate House; Diner

Rowlands, Gena

Night on Earth



Rush, Geoffrey


Russell, David O.-dir.

Spanking the Monkey

Russell, Kurt

Backdraft; Breakdown; Escape From L.A.; Overboard; Stargate; Unlawful Entry

Russo, Rene

Buddy; Get Shorty; In the Line of Fire; Ransom; Tin Cup

Ryan, Meg

Addicted to Love; Courage Under Fire; French Kiss; Sleepless in Seattle; When Harry Met Sally

Ryder, Winona

Boys; Bram Stoker's Dracula Frankenstein; Crucible; House of the Spirits; How to Make an Ameican Quilt; Night on Earth

Sandler, Adam

Billy Madison; Bulletproof; Happy Gilmore

Sarandon, Susan

Dead Man Walking; Hunger; Safe Passage; White Palace

Sarrazin, Michael

For Pete's Sake

Savage, Fred

Little Monsters

Sayles, John- dir.

Lone Star

Scacchi, Greta


Scheider, Roy


Schellenberg, A

Free Willy 3: The Rescue

Schlesinger, John- dir.

Cold Comfort Farm; Eye For An Eye

Schroder, Rick

Across the Tracks

Schwarzenegger, Arnold

Batman & Robin; Commando; Eraser; Jingle all the Way; Last Action Hero; Predator; Stay Hungry; Terminator, The; Terminator 2: Judgement Day; Total Recall; True Lies

Schwimmer, David

Pallbearer, The

Sciorra, Anna

Addiction, The

Sciorra, Annabella


Scorsese, Martin- dir.

Casino; Mean Streets; New York, New York

Scott, George C.

Firestarter; Titanic

Seagal, Steven

Fire Down Under; Hard to Kill; Glimmer Man, The; Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

Sedwick, Kyra

Low Life, The

Segal, George

Owl and the Pusseycat, The

Selleck, Tom

Mr. Baseball; Quigley Down Under

Sellers, Peter

Return of the Pink Panther, The

Sevenson, Bo

Walking Tall 2; Walking Tall: The Final Chapter

Severance, Joan

In Dark Places

Shakur, Tupac

Above the Rim; Gridlock'd; Rhymes & Reason

Sharif, Omar

Funny Girl

Shaver, Helen

Desert Hearts

Shaw, Fiona


Shaw, Robert

Jaws; Taking of Phelham One Two Three, The

Sheen, Charlie

Arrival, The; Hot Shots! Part Deux; Lucas; Money Talks; Navy Seals; Platoon; Shadow Consipiracy

Sheen, Martin

Firestarter; Spawn; War at Home, The

Shell, Maximilian

Krakatoa: East of Java

Shepherd, Cybill

Chances Are

Sheridan, Nicolette

Beverly Hills Ninja

Shields, Brooke

Wanda Nevada

Shore, Pauly

Bio-Dome; Jury Duty; Son In Law

Short, Martin

Innerspace; Pure Luck; Simple Wish, A

Shue, Elisabeth

Leaving Las Vegas; Saint

Silverman, Jonathan

Weekend at Bernies; Weekend at Bernies II

Silverstone, Alicia

Baby Sitters Club, The; Batman & Robin

Simpson, O.J.

Capricorn One


Jingle All the Way

Singer, Marc

Beastmaster III; Sweet Justice

Skerritt, Tom


Slater, Christian

Bed of Roses; Broken Arrow; Mobsters; Pump Up the Volume; Untamed Heart

Slater, Helen


Smith, Will

Independence Day; Men in Black

Snipes, Wesley

Fan, The; Murder at 1600; Rising Sun; Sugar Hill; To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything! Julie Newman; White Man Can't Jump

Sorvino, Mira

Amongst Friends; Mighty Aphrodite; Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Spacek, Sissy

Carrie; River, The

Spacey, Kevin

Usual Suspects, The

Spade, David

Black Sheep

Spader, James

2 days in the Valley; Crash (uncut); Sex, Lies, and Videotape; Stargate; White Palace

Spano, Vincent

Black Stallion Returns, The

Speilberg, Steven

Always; E. T. the Extra Terrestrial; Jaws; Jurassic Park; Schindler's List; Twister

Spheeris, Penelope- dir.

Little Rascals, The

Stallone, Sylvester

Day Light; Judge Dredd; Paradise Alley

Steenburgen, Mary

Gulliver's Travels; Parenthood

Stern, Howard

Private Parts

Stewart, Patrick

Star Trek: First Contact

Stiller, Ben

Flirting with Disaster

Stockwell, Dean

Twilight Man

Stolz, Eric

Grace of My Heart; Killing Zoe; Some Kind of Wonderful

Stone, Dee Wallace

Invisible Mom

Stone, Sharon

Basic Instinct; Casino; Last Dance; Primal Fear; Quick and the Dead, The; Sliver

Stowe, Madeleine

12 Monkeys; Blink; Unlawful Entry

Streep, Meryl

Before and After; Death Becomes Her; Deer Hunter, The; First Do No Harm, House of the Spirits; Marvin's Room; Out of Africa; Postcards From the Edge; Sophie's Choice

Streisand, Barbara

For Pete's Sake; Funny Girl; Funny Lady; Mirror Has Two Faces; Owl and the Pussycat, The; Prince of Tides, The; Way We Were, The

Sutherland, Donald

Eye of the Needle; Great Train Robbery, The; Invasion of Body Snatchers; M*A*S*H

Sutherland, Keifer

Eye For An Eye; Last Days of Frankie the Fly, The; Truth or Consequences N.M.; Young Guns

Swayze, Patrick

Dirty Dancing; Road House; Three Wishes; Tiger Warsaw; To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

Sweeney, Julia

It's Pat

Talbert, Charlie


Tany, Jessica

Fried Green Tomatoes

Tarantino, Quentin- dir.

Destiny Turns on the Radio; Reservoir Dogs

Tate, Larenz

Dead Presidents; Love Jones; Menace II Society

Taylor, Lili

Addiction, The

Theslis, David


Thomas, Jonathan T

Adventures of Pinocchio; Wild America

Thompson, Emma

Carrington; Howard's End; Sense and Sensibility

Thompson, Jack

Sum of Us, The

Thompson, Lea

Casual Sex ?; Right to Remain Silent, The; Some Kind of Wonderful

Thornton, Billy Bob

Sling Blade; Winner

Thurman, Uma

Batman & Robin; Truth About Cats and Dogs

Tomei, Marisa

My Cousin Vinny; Only You; Perez Family, The; Untamed Heart

Trachtenberg, Michelle

Harriet the Spy

Travis, Nancy

Destiny Turns on the Radio; Fluke

Travolta, John

Broken Arrow; Experts, The; Eyes of an Angel; Face/Off; Get Shorty; Grease; Michael; Perfect; Phenomenon; Saturday Night Fever; Staying Alive; Urban Cowboy; White Man's Burden

Tripplehorn, Jeannie

Old Man; til There Was You

Tucci, Stanley

Big Night; Day Tripper

Tucker, Chris

Money Talks

Turner, Guinevere

Go Fish

Turner, Kathleen

Jewell of the Nile, The; Romancing the Stone;

Undercover Blues; V.I. Warshawski

Turner, Tyrin

Menace II Society

Tuturro, John

Box of Moonlight; Search for One-Eye Jimmy, The

Tyler, Liv

Stealing Beauty

Uback, Alanna

Denise Calls Up

Van Damme, Jean-Claude

Cyborg; Death Warrant; Double Team; Hard Target; Lionheart; Quest, The; Street Fighter; Sudden Death; Timecop; Universal Soldier

Van Dyke, Dick

Mary Poppins

Van Peebles, Mario

Riot in the Streets

Varney, Jim

Ernest Goes to Africa; Slam Dunk Ernest; Snowboard Academy

Venerra, Chick

Alone in the Woods

Verhoeven, Paul- dir.


Voight, Jon

Anaconda; Coming Home; Deliverance; Rosewood; Runaway Train

Von Sydow, Max

Needful Things

Wagner, Robert

Airport '79- the Concorde

Wahlberg, Mark

Fear; Traveller

Walken, Christopher

Deer Hunter, The; Prophecy, The; Prophecy II, The; Touch; Wild Side

Walsh, Dylan

Arctic Blue

Ward, Fred

Tremors 2: Aftershocks

Washington, Denzel

Courage Under Fire; Crimson Tide; Glory;

Philadelphia; Preacher's Wife; Virtuosity

Waters, John- dir.

Hairspray; Polyester

Waterston, Sam

Man in the Moon

Watson, Emily

Breaking The Waves

Wayans, Damon

Blankman; Bulletproof; Celtic Pride; Major Payne

Wayans, Keenen Ivory

Glimmer Man, The

Wayne, John

Cahill; Chisum; Cowboys, The; Rio Lobo; Train Robbers, The

Wayons, Shawn / Marlon

6th Man; Above the Rim; Don't Be a Menace

Weaver, Sigourney

Alien; Aliens; Alien 3; Snow White: A Tale of Terror; Year of Living Dangerously

Weist, Dianne

Associate, The; Drunks

Welch, Raquel

Fantastic Voyage

Weller, Peter

RoboCop; Screamers

Whirry, Shannon

Omega Doom

Whitaker, Forest

Crying Game

Whitfield, Lynn

Thin Line Between Love and Hate, A

Williams, Cindy

More American Graffiti

Williams, JoBeth


Williams, Robin

Awakenings; Birdcage, The; Father's Day; Jack; Jumanji; Mrs. Doubtfire

Williams, Vanessa

Eraser; Hoodlum; Soul Food

Willis, Bruce

12 Monkeys; Death Becomes Her; Die Hard; Die Hard 2; Die Hard With a Vengeance; Fifth Element; Hudson Hawk; Last Man Standing; Sunset

Wilson, Luke

Bottle Rocket

Wilson, Mara

Simple Wish, A

Wilson, Owen C.

Bottle Rocket

Wincott, Jeff

Street Law

Winger, Debra

Betrayed; Officer and a Gentleman, An; Terms of Endearment; Urban Cowboy

Winkler, Henry

National Lampoon's Dad's Week Off

Witherspoon, Reese


Wolf, Hillary

Big Girls Don't Cry They Get Even

Woo, John- dir.

Broken Arrow; Hard Boiled; Killer, The; Once A Thief

Wood, Elijah


Woodard, Alfre

Member of Wedding; Miss Ever's Boys; Piano Lesson, The

Woods, James

Diggstown; Ghosts of Mississippi; Immediate Family; Summer of Ben Tyler, The; True Believer

Wright, Robin

Moll Flanders

Young, Aden

Hotel de Love

York, Michael


Zane, Billy

Phantom, The; Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight

Zellweger, Renee

Whole Wide World

Zeneckis, Robert- dir.

Death Becomes Her

Zinnemann, Fred- dir.

Day of the Jackal

Zwigoff, Terry- dir.