Dear friends and relatives…

The end of an era (for us and probably a lot of you)… July 1, 1997. A touch of sadness and lost as we watched the Hong Kong flag being replaced by the Special Administrative District flag at the ceremony. A lot of us grew up under this very Hong Kong flag which will fly no more. Although we have been in this country for over 25 years, our roots are still tied to Hong Kong……..

It is time again to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 1998. We are glad to tell you that we are happy and blessed as we recap events of the past 12 months. The year started out with Clara's sister and her husband still visiting with us. They spent New Year 97 enjoying the Rose Parade live! Also visiting for the event were Julie and Barry Lau from Arizona. We got up early and drove all the way to Pasadena and watched from our favorite spot… the end of the route where the crowd is thinner. The parade was fun, colorful and the weather was co-operating.

Meanwhile in the family, Alan is now 12 and slightly taller than the both of us. He has been playing tennis and is currently enrolled in the Robert Powers class that meets every Saturday. Alan is learning acting and a whole lot of other skills that will help him develop into a fine young gentleman. He is now also into clothing and his hair! Sandra is in high school and is very busy with schoolwork. She enjoys watching sports and follows the Mighty Ducks and the Lakers. She is also in the school choir and has invited us to one of their wonderful concerts recently. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Sandra went back to Hong Kong with her mom and had a wonderful time… shopping among other things.

We spent the latter part of August vacationing. First we went to Rochester Hills (a surbub of Detroit) and stopped for a few days visiting our friends Esther and Shing. During our stay there, we drove around the neighboring state of Ohio. In Akron, we stopped by the Football Hall of Fame and paid tribute to such greats as Joe Montana, Steve Young etc. We also dropped by the Rock and Roll Museum in Cleveland but were a bit disappointed in that the place was not well maintained.

Leaving Shing & Esther, we drove across the bridge (from Detroit) into Canada and arrived in Toronto in about 3 hours. Clara's sister and her husband who flew in from Vancouver joined us in Toronto. We all stayed with Clara's godfather and (god) sister-in-law Shirley. We had a wonderful time bonding with them as well as other relatives like Clara's god sister Priscilla and her family; Tim's Third Uncle Dr. Hwang and first cousins Sophia and Susan. On our way back to the U.S. for our flight home, we also spent one night with Clara's other god sister Winnie and her family in Leamington (the tomato capitol of Canada).

Two other meetings in Toronto were worth mentioning. The first was a dinner hosted by old UH friends- Peter and Annie Lee, Aliana Ho, Thomas and Connie Li, Edward and Lily Chiu, Guy Chan and their respective families. We all remembered the good old days spent in Hawaii. We can tell time really flies because all their kids are growing up so fast! The second was a meeting of Tim's high school classmates. Sixteen of us attended (plus spouses) and many of us have not seen each other for 30 years (since graduated back in '67). The occasion was especially happy because Paul Lo (from Vancouver) and Kit Chan (from the Los Angeles area) also flew in besides Tim. For a few hours, we talked, yelled, laughed, shouted, joked- until the restaurant closed.

We also took a short side trip while in Toronto with Clara's sister, her husband, Mook Sing (a family friend) and wife. For four days, the six of us drove east and visited Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Although it was kind of a rushed trip, we managed to cover all the major sightseeing points… the big museums and Parliament buildings in Ottawa, the magnificent cathedrals (there must be 3 or 4 of them), the botanical garden in Montreal, and the winding streets of Quebec City that are so European…

One unfortunate incident happened on Thanksgiving morning, Clara's right shoulder and arm was hurting so much that we had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night. It was found out to be a cervical disc problem. She is currently under medication and is going to physical therapy. Hopefully, she will get better soon. It is a very helpless situation for the both of us.

Well, let us know what is happening with your life. For those of you who are too busy or too cheap (just kidding) to send letters or to phone (626-968-8868), we can always be reached by email at and/or

                                                               Clara & Tim, Xmas 1997

Did somebody say we forgot to mention food this year… of course we enjoyed the most memorable Chinese meals and the daily 'pigged out' on dragon eye fruit while we were in Toronto.