We ship out our movies Thursdays before street dates. As a result, if you live in California or our neighboring states, you may receive your movies before they are available in stores. Below are some upcoming releases that are in this category:

Available Mar 24 (shipped Mar 19)
Selena- Jennifer Lopez   $19.98
Available Mar 31 (shipped Mar 26)
American Pop- Animation   $19.99
Slappy Stinker- D B Wong/Bronson Pinchot   $19.95
Little Mermaid (restored)- Disney Animation   $26.99
Flood: a River's Rampage- Richard Thomas/Kate Vernon   $19.98
Phantom of the Opera- Animation   $19.95
Les Miserables- Animation   $19.95
Available Apr 07 (shipped Apr 02)
B.A.P.S.- Halle Berry/Martin Landau   $14.98
Flintstones: I Yabba Dabba Do!- Animation   $14.95
Available Apr 14 (shipped Apr 09)
Titanic- Peter Gallagher/George C Scott/Tim Curry   $14.95
Elmopalooza!- a Sesame Street Musical   $14.95
Available Apr 21 (shipped Apr 16)
Flubber- Robin Williams   $22.99
Available Apr 28 (shipped Apr 23)
Anastasia- Fox Animation   $26.98
The Fifth Element- Bruce Willis/Gary Oldman   $14.95
Shadow Conspiracy- Charlie Sheen/D Sutherland/L Hamilton   $19.99
The War at Home- Kathy Bates/Martin Sheen/Emilio Estevez   $19.99
The 6th Man- Marlon Wayans/Kadeem Hardison   $19.99
Grosse Pointe Blank- John Cusack/Minnie Driver   $19.99
Available May 05 (shipped Apr 30)
Mouse Hunt- Nathan Lane   $22.99
Breakdown- Kurt Russell   $14.95
Night Falls on Manhattan- Andy Garcia/R Dreyfuss/Lena Olin   $14.95
Available May 19 (shipped May 14)
The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars- Disney Animation   $22.99
Toothless- Kirstie Alley/Lynn Redgrave   $19.99
Angels in the Endzone- Christopher Lloyd   $19.99
The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon- Tony Danza   $19.99
Available May 26 (shipped May 21)
Con Air- Nicolas Cage/John Cusack/John Malkovich   $19.99
Available June 02 (shipped May 28)
Home Alone 3- Alex D. Linz   $19.98
Available June 16 (shipped June 11)
The Might Kong- Warner Animation   $19.95