If you like the banner style headings I use on my page, I can make them for you. The first 3 are FREE but you have to put a link to my page.

Email me and tell me what you like to say on your 3 headings/banners (please keep it to 7 words or less on each heading/banner). Tell me what color you prefer your text to be in and what color you like your background to be, etc.

After I made them, I will email you and tell you where to find them- together with the HTML code to be copied onto your page for my link.

If you need extra ones, I can make them for $1 each. After I made and delievered them to you, just drop $1 in the mail. If I don't see the $1 in two weeks, I take down your heading/banner... fair enough ?

We also do backgrounds with your name or your company name like the ones you are seeing on our pages. We will give you a small, a medium and a large size background all for just $3.

We can scan pictures, logos, clip art, etc. (no adult materials please) for use with your own web page. Cost is $3 each scan. Please mail materials and payments to:

Video Depot
Attn: Scanning Dept.
15902 Halliburton Rd. # 173
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

If you wish your materials returned, please enclose a self addressed envelope with enough postage on it.